Installing Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop

Posted on 14. Mar, 2011 by in Workstation

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This build doc demonstrates building a Linux workstation using Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop.

Click here to watch video

To obtain the installation media I went to and selected Ubuntu 10.10 – Latest Version, 32-bit (Recommended) and pressed the big orange Start Download button

The iso image is named ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso and is 709 MB

Burn the image to a CD/DVD and insert into your machine. Power on the machine and make sure Boot From CD is set in the bios (depending on your bios may be F2 or F10 or F12).

First there is a purple screen that lasts a few seconds

Then you see animated dots indicating that its loading

Then we get the Welcome screen. On the left side are language selections. English is default. There is an option to “Try Ubuntu”, which lets you run the OS live from the CD without installing anything to the drive. To proceed with the regular install, press Install Ubuntu

The installer does some preliminary checks: it makes sure there is enough disk space, makes sure the system is plugged in to a power source (for notebooks), and makes sure there is an Internet connection. There are two options: Download Updates while installing, and Install this third-party software. I checked both boxes. Press Forward to continue.

I decided to use the entire hard drive for this build and skipped the option to create partitions. I selected Erase and use the entire disk and pressed Forward to continue.

Select your hard drive and press Install Now

Select time zone from the map and press Forward to continue

Select your country

Enter your name, a computer name, a username, enter a password, and confirm your password. Press Forward to continue.

The installation begins and runs for several minutes. While you’re waiting there’s an optional slide show that gives you a pretty good tour of Ubuntu. Press the arrows at either side of the screen to preview the slide show.

When installation is complete you are prompted to reboot. Press Restart Now

The system starts shutting down, and you are prompted to remove the installation CD. Take the CD out of the drive and press Enter

After reboot you will see a login screen

Click on your username and enter your password

After you log in you’ll see your new Desktop, and you’re ready to start using Ubuntu

In case you missed it during installation, here are the slides from the slideshow:

Get Free Software

View, Store and Edit Photos

Mobilize your digital life

Buy music while you listen

Email and Chat

Social from the start

Browse the Web

Customize Ubuntu

Create Documents and Presentations

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