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Oracle SQL Functions Overview

Posted on 30. Dec, 2010 by .


Oracle Database provides various built-in functions to perform special operations such as conversions, calculations, transformations, and comparisons. Single Row Functions Single row functions refer to functions that act on a single row of data, as opposed to multi-row functions which act of a set of data rows. This section covers many of the most common […]

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Building a SQL 2005 Database on Windows 2003

Posted on 22. Sep, 2009 by .


This document outlines the steps to building a general purpose Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Formatting Disks In this example we will be working with a single 80 GB volume. Most likely in a production environment you will be storing your database on mirrored storage and/or a SAN. Ideally, it […]

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