Installing Webmin on Ubuntu 9.04

Posted on 19. Aug, 2009 by in Server

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Webmin is a free browser-based control panel to manage unix/linux servers. It allows you to manage many operating system features via an easy to use GUI, and has additional modules to manage many common server applications including Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, etc.

In this build we will be installing Webmin on a fresh Ubuntu LAMP server install (see Building LAMP on Ubuntu Part 1).

Log in to the server as a regular user


Use su command to become root


We will be using the apt installer to download and install the webmin package. In order to obtain this package we will first need to update our apt sources list so the apt program knows where to download it from. Enter the following command to edit the sources file:

vi /etc/apt/sources.list


Use the down arrow to move down to any blank line in the file and press the i key to enter INSERT mode.


Once in INSERT mode enter the following text:

deb sarge contrib

Press ESC key to escape from INSERT mode. Then type :x! (colon, lowercase x, exclamation mark) to save and exit.


Now that the apt sources list is updated, enter the following command to force the apt program to update its database:

apt-get update

The apt program will go out and search for available packages. This will take about a minute


At this point, the apt program should have found the webmin package. You may receive an error stating that the key could not be verified. Its OK to ignore this.

To install webmin, simply type the following command:

apt-get install webmin


At the prompt press Y for yes

You may receive a warning asking you if you want to install packages without verification. Press Y to continue


Webmin with be installed. It should only take a couple minutes


At this point Webmin is installed. To access Webmin, open your browser and goto https://ipaddress:10000


Depending on your browser, you will probably receive some kind of error regarding an invalid certificate. This message can be ignored. Follow instructions to continue anyway.


Log in to Webmin using username root and your root password


When you first log in to webmin you will see summary information about your server


To manage Apache, click on the Servers link and click on Apache Webserver


To manage MySQL, click on Servers and MySQL Database Server. The first time you access this you will be asked to enter your MySQL root user account information.


As you click around you will find that Webmin can manage just about every aspect of your server from user accounts, to backups, to cron jobs.

If you have any questions or problems with this build document please leave a comment below.

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One Comment


12. Oct, 2009

You need to add the following step into this process to really make it proper install process.

After adding to sources.list
download the certificate key and install using following
sudo apt-key add jcameron-key.asc

Those 3 lines should resolve certificate key error and stop any users from getting error and most server will not give you warning to get around the certificate key.

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