Building a Virtual Appliance with Jeos

Posted on 23. Aug, 2009 by in Server, Virtualization

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This build document outlines creating a Virtual Appliance using VMWare Workstation 6.5 and Ubuntu Jeos (Just Enough Operating System) 8.04.3 operating system .

This document is organized into four sections:

Creating A Virtual Machine in Workstation
Installing Jeos inside VMWare Workstation
Installing VMWare Tools in Jeos
Converting VM to OVF template

Creating Virtual Machine

The first step is to open Workstation and create a new virtual machine.


Select Linux and Ubuntu


For disk size, select 4 GB (since this is an appliance we will make everything small)


Continue through the wizard. At the end click Customize Hardware


Set memory to 256 MB


Click on CD/DVD and mount the jeos-8.04.3-jeos-i386.iso file


Click on Network Adapter and set it to Bridged


Press OK and a new empty virtual machine will be created. As soon as VMWare is ready press the green play button to power on the virtual machine.

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