Installing Ubuntu 10.10 Server 64-bit (General Purpose LAMP/Web Server)

Posted on 11. Mar, 2011 by in Database, Server, Web Servers

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This build doc demonstrates the installation of a general purpose Linux web server using Ubuntu 10.10.  This is an update to our LAMP document from last year:

Building LAMP on Ubuntu Part 1.

In this build I used the ubuntu-10.10-server-amd64.iso image downloaded from:

After downloading the iso file, you must either burn it to a CD or if this is a virtual machine mount the iso file to your VM’s CD-rom drive.

To begin installation, insert CD and boot server. When installer boots, select English.

The Ubuntu welcome screen flashes briefly, and in a second the installation begins.

Select English and press Enter

Select your country (in this case United States). Use arrow keys to move up and down and press Enter to continue.

The installer gives you the option to auto-detect the keyboard type or select your country. I chose No, and selected USA on the following screen.

The installer scans the CD image and loads some files. This takes about 30 seconds or a minute.

Enter a hostname for this server. In this case: ubuntutest. Press the down arrow key or Tab key to highlight the Continue option and press Enter.


Select time zone. In this case the time zone was defaulted to New York (Eastern time) which was correct so I selected Yes. If incorrect select No to change.

On the following screen you decide how you want to partition the disk(s). Lately, I have been choosing LVM (which is default here). I will also use the default option to use the entire disk. If you want to setup partitions here select manual. Since all of my servers are virtual nowadays I prefer to add additional virtual disks after the installation rather than setup partitions here.


At this point I only has one disk attached to this machine so there is only one option here. If you had multiple disks you would choose which one to use for the install.


Confirm disk partition choices. Use left arrow to select Yes and press Enter to write the changes.

Choose how much of the disk to use. To use all of it type max. Use the down arrow key or press down to select Continue and press enter.

Select Yes to write the changes.

Installation begins and runs for a few minutes.

Note: My first attempt to build this server failed at this point. I received a whole bunch of errors like this “Debootstrap Warning: Warning file://xxxx was corrupt”.

Apparently, the iso file I downloaded was corrupted. The installation failed so I had to download the iso file again and start over from the beginning. I had better luck the second try.

After a couple minutes of installing, you are prompted to create a user. Enter your name:

Enter a username

Enter a password

And reenter to confirm


I’ve never tried home directory encryption so I chose No

I’m not using a proxy server so I left this blank

Installer runs for about a minute

I chose to select “Install Security Updates Automatically”


On the next screen you choose which packages you want to install. Since this will be a general purpose web server I selected LAMP Server, which gives you Apache, MySQL and PHP, Mail Server, which gives you Postfix mail server so your web apps can send email, and OpenSSH server so I will be able to use ssh (putty) to log in to my server remotely and sftp (WinSCP) to copy files. Use up/down arrow keys to move up and down, space to select/unselect and when your done press Tab to highlight the Continue option and press Enter.

Enter a password for the MySQL database root user

And confirm password

Select Internet site


Enter default hostname for the mail server. I just left the default for now (can always change later).


Select Yes if you want to install the Grub boot loader.

Press Continue to finish installation and reboot. Remove CD or unmount iso.

System reboots. If everything is good when the system comes back you should see a login prompt.

Please feel free to post questions or comments below.

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