Building LAMP on Ubuntu Part 1

Posted on 17. Aug, 2009 by in Database, Server, Web Servers

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This build document outlines the installation and setup of a basic LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web server using Ubuntu 9.04. Please note we have updated this doc for Ubuntu 10.10 here: Installing Ubuntu 10.10 Server 64-bit (General Purpose LAMP/Web Server)

This build will be broken up into 3 parts:

Part 1: Installing Ubuntu Operating System
Part 2: Basic Server Configuration
Part 3: Working with Ubuntu LAMP

In this build we will be using ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso, which can be downloaded via BitTorrent or from the Ubuntu website.

After downloading the iso file, you must either burn it to a CD or if this is a virtual machine you may mount the iso file to your VM’s CD-rom drive.

To begin installation, insert CD and boot server. When installer boots, select English.

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-33-43

At Ubuntu welcome screen, select Install Ubuntu Server and press Enter

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-34-39

Select English and press Enter

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-35-14

Select Country and press Enter

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-35-27

Select No to skip keyboard detection


Select Country / keyboard layout


Install begins and runs for a few minutes

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-38-07

Enter a hostname for your server

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-39-16

Select Timezone

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-39-26

Choose disk partition method. In this build we will select guided – use entire disk and setup LVM (Logical Volume Manager). If you wish to setup a custom partitioning scheme choose Manual.

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-39-38

Select your hard drive / disk

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-41-28

Select Yes to write changes to the disk

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-41-58

Verify you want to use the entire disk, press Enter to continue

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-42-06

Select Yes to write changes

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-42-28

Install continues

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-43-49

Enter your username

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-46-21

Enter your password (and once again to confirm)

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-47-03

When asked to encrypt home directory select No

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-47-34

Enter proxy server if any (in this build we leave blank)

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-47-44

Install continues

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-47-58

Select install security updates automatically

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-48-20

Select Software to install. Use up/down arrows and space bar to select. Select LAMP server, mail server and openssh server. Press Enter

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-49-44

Enter root password for MySQL database (and type again to confirm)

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-09-52-26

For mail configuration, select Internet Site and press Enter

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-10-46-13

Enter hostname/domain name for mail server

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-10-47-30

Last of install files get installed

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-10-47-38

When done, press Enter to finish. System will reboot. Make sure to remove CD-rom

Ubuntu 64-bit-2009-08-17-10-51-56

Next Section: Ubuntu Server Configuration

If you have questions or problems with this build please leave a comment below.

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