Red5 Streaming Video Server on Windows 2003

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This document outlines the steps to install Red5 version 0.8.0 onto Windows Server 2003.

The Red5 server is an excellent open source solution for streaming video and other types of flash media. It is a free alternative to using Adobe Flash Media Server.

For more information and to download the installer visit the Google Code project page at In this build we will use the Red5 0.8.0 for Windows.


If not already installed, download the latest version of Java 6 for Windows 2003 from


After download completes, execute Java installer. Click Install.



Java will install in a few minutes. Press finish.


Next run the Red5 installer. Press Next.


Click I Agree


Choose installation directory for the Red5 server. In this build we use Z:\Program Files\Red5


Choose Start Menu Folder


Installer runs for a few minutes. Press Next when complete.


Press Finish.


Reboot server to make sure new environment variables take effect.


To make sure that Red5 server is running, goto Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services


Check for the Red5 service and make sure it is set to Automatic and running


Now it’s time to test the server. Open the browser on the server and goto http://localhost:5080


If the above page comes up, your installation was a success.

If you have problems or questions with this build please leave a comment below.

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20. May, 2010

I was succesfully instaled red5 on windows Server 2008 with this explanation, but when I go to the url demos, on test port, all port failed.

Can you help me with this issue?

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